DingDong! Here’s The New Craze In Photo Messaging Apps And It’s Addictive

23 juillet 2013

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by (@mikebutcher)


Lately I’ve been playing with a great little app called Povio. Not unlike Snapchat, you snap a picture and send to one or more people and the app prompts them to send one back, though the photo doesn’t disappear. It’s a little like photo messaging “with a nudge.” However, another player has been coming up with its own take on this idea, and today we can exclusively give some of you lucky people access to the DingDong app, which is one of the most viral we’ve seen lately.

The idea is to make staying in touch with friends super simple and expressive. Snap a picture with a simple doorbell-like button, it “DingDongs” the person, then they can add an emoticon or send a DingDong picture back. The interaction goes onto a map with a thin line between your two locations. It’s a fairly emotional experience in many ways.

There’s no text field or traditional photo-sharing mechanism, so everything has to happen inside the app — no feedback from people on Twitter for instance. That will clearly draw people in.

DingDong is entirely private: You can’t follow or be followed, it’s not a broadcast and not a public check-in. Each time you decide who sees your picture and location; it works exactly like SMS in terms of privacy.

The app addresses a few major trends. Firstly, people are increasingly tired of sharing personal content publicly – hence why, to some extent, Path has garnered a corner of the private sharing market. Secondly, it is super simple like many of these new photo apps. Thirdly, I could see the DingDong app working well on a wearable device like a smartwatch.

I can see it offering a few business models, such as in-app purchases of emoticons, sounds or other virtual goods. And perhaps interaction with brands.

Based in Berlin at the soon-to-be-opened Factory campus, the company is launching an iOS beta initially but an Android version is already in beta; also a Pebble watch prototype of the app is expected to be available during the summer.

Here are some codes we managed to get so you can try out the app, after downloading it

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