TMI: Your Mood on Facebook Can Affect Your Friends

1 août 2014

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The Debbie Downers in your Facebook News Feed are messing with your mood.

A team of social scientists from Cornell University, the University of California, San Francisco and Facebook released a study detailing how your emotions expressed in posts and status updates can actually « spread » to your friends.

Alex Magdaleno


Facebook Tries Being A TV Channel With New Mobile Video Player

7 juillet 2014

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If you watch one of a friend’s videos, Facebook will now try to get you to watch more with a new carousel of suggested videos that appears after you view one in the mobile News Feed. Reminiscent of YouTube’s Related Videos, Facebook confirms the existence of this fresh laidback experience in Facebook for iOS that I spotted over the weekend. It lets you quickly watch a series of videos before jumping back to the feed.
by Josh Constine


Ad Age Survey: How Advertisers Are Spending on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

30 juin 2014

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More Marketers Plan to Increase Their Budgets for Twitter Than for Facebook
By Mark Bergen

Advertisers are flirting more with paid ad offerings from Facebook and Twitter, but it’s a cautious courtship. Even as brands boost their social-media spend, only a relatively small portion of it is going to ads, according to a new survey of Ad Age readers.


What Are Teens Doing Online?

18 février 2014

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by Evan Wexler Illustrations by Cecily Taylor